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The items you'll need to make your 3-D card: Gray Wolf Graphics' Stalking Tiger Rubber Stamp (ANL1023), Black Ink Stamp Pad, Tombow markers (Orange, Gold, Gray, Pink), White Card Stock, Craft Board (or our 1/16" self adhesive foam cushion)(ACC8001), White glue, and a small pair of scissors.



Stamp the image five times on the card stock and cut out the pieces as shown below:

Next, color the pieces with the Tombow markers. EYES - Gold #985, NOSE & TONGUE - Pink #821, FUR - Dark Orange #925 & Light Orange #933. Leave as white those areas on the image that are white, except color in a little shadowing on the CHIN and TOES with Light Gray #N75.

Cut pieces of craft board (or the 1/16" foam cushion) roughly similar to the ones shown below and affix them to piece #1. Then place piece #2 on top.

Cut a couple more pieces of foam (or board) as shown below and affix to piece #2. Place piece #3 on top, making sure that it lines up well with the pieces below it.

Cut another piece of foam or board and glue to piece #3 as shown. Piece #4 goes on top.

Cut a small piece of foam or board and affix to piece #3 as shown. Then glue piece #5 on top of the foam, and glue the top EDGE of the leg to piece #3. Make sure to tuck the top part of the leg just under the tiger's head.

The small type above says: "Glue just under the edge of this part of the leg"

Cut and glue to the tiger's face a small piece of foam or board as shown. Then, affix the muzzle (piece #6) to the piece of foam and glue down the top EDGE to the tiger's face as shown.

The small type above says: "glue just under the edge of this part of the muzzle"

OK your 3-D Tiger is done! Make up a card to mount it on. To raise it off the surface of the card, cut out some foam or board as shown and affix underneath the tiger. Put a drop of glue under the tip of the tail and glue it to your card.

This is how the layers look from the side.

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